Their current release and DAC (German Alternative Charts) No.1 album ”TRAUMA: RITUAL” is the seventh studio album in the exceptional career of one of the most influential electronic bands on the scene: [:SITD:] from the Ruhr-Area in Germany.

It’s a rare occasion that a project manages to shake up the whole club world with their debut release, like [:SITD:] have done with the “SNUFF EP” including the massive club-hit “SNUFF MACHINERY”. And the pleasant boys from the Ruhr-Area continue to go ahead with almost unashamed ease to this very day. With their albums “STRONGHOLD“ (2003), “CODED: MESSAGE: 12“ (2005), “BESTIE: MENSCH“ (2007), “ROT“ (2009), “ICON: KORU“ (2011), “DUNKELZIFFER“ (2014) und “TRAUMA: RITUAL“ (2017) they put their significant marks on the “Dark Electro”-scene worldwide. Similarly with their energetic live-performances in more than 20 countries in Europe and North- and South America.

In the world of [:SITD:], formally known as SHADOWS IN THE DARK, completely different electronic styles fuse to one dark and fascinating opus. The lyrics are inspiring and thought-provoking, while the anthemic, sweeping melodies are driven forward by energetic, hammering beats and grooves.

[:SITD:] are unmistakable – an original that has reinvented and developed itself again and again. So front man and singer CARSTEN JACEK, musical mastermind TOM LESCZENSKI and keyboarder FRANK D’ANGELO look back at a 20 year career span, and with “TRAUMA: RITUAL” they are solemnly offering a work that can hardly be surpassed.

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